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Runners & Riders

Golf Handicap 2006

By D.Walsh.

1  A.Howe  Out of ;- 'My Own Goal' by 'Either Foot' 

First timer last time out, looked a bit nervous in the paddock and sweated up. Didn't show up well in his first run but improved later.

Perhaps a change of trainer or a few more 'oats' before running would do the trick. Needs another good gallop.

2  R.Irving   Out of ;- 'Bed' by 'Eleven O'clock'

The studious type, never any problem whatever the going. Recent injuries have held him back but still looks good. Perhaps a firework up the sciatica region, might work wonders. Slow but steady and will stay the course whatever the going.

3  J.Hughes  Out of ;-  ' What Sort of Fuckin Shot Was That' by 'Northop Balcony Member'

Unpredictable, sees parts of the course that are untrodden. Looks deceptive in the parade ring - cool, quite with a bold eye. Has a penchant for wandering among the trees, takes the bark off quite regularly. A good 'on the nose' bet when under control, but on a bad day could do some serious damage to the course chattels.

4  I.Corlett  Out of ;- 'Gis a Job' by ' Nar Don't Bother'

A wily experienced campaigner, good breeding. Jumps well and a good stayer. Carrying a bit too much weight recently after being semi retired to stud, but enjoying the freedom of the Caldy gallops. Will never let you down. A good each way bet.

5  R.Askew  Out of ;- 'Breath' by 'Ten Past Eight'

A potential new recruit. Long association with the sticks and does tend to smoke excessively after a long run. Trained with Robbie Irving out of the Arrowe Park stable and looks well for his age. A dark horse and will have to be watched especially by the handicappers.

6  B.Tunna  Out of ;-   'Into the Bench' by 'Thunderbird 2'

Never runs a bad race, Mr. Consistent. Didn't run last time out and might fall foul of the handicappers ( about time too ) for this race. Don't write him off just yet, depends on the going. Should do well in stud.

7  G.Cannon  Out of 'Condition' by ' Who Put That Hole In The Road'

Always looks good but has not produced the goods yet. Very passive. Maybe a good kick up the butt by one of his training companions would do the trick. Always navigates himself around the course well.  Good each way bet.

8  J.Fergusson  Out of ;-  'Style Advisors' by 'May Every Year'

Has form as long as your arm. The handicapper recently pulled him for a very fast run at Mere, but still one of the favourites. Gallops at Heswall regularly and should do well if in the mood. Trainer used very unusual set of blinkers last time out which startled many of the horses running . Another one that enjoys the jumps and responds well to the whip.

9  J.Davies  Out of ;- 'Proper Shoelaces' by 'Every Bloody Sunday'

Another potential new recruit that is a 'Crazy Horse' in the making. Sweats excessively in the ring and will run at top speed for the majority of the run. Might go straight to stud.

10  D.Walsh   Out of ;- 'The Town Hall' by 'As Soon As Possible'

Is trying to get into the Caldy stable with other thoroughbreds. A favourite with the handicapper and doesn't travel well outside Scotland. Promises a lot but likely to fall at one of the big fences. Not a good bet.