2006 Autumn Comp 2 - Portal

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Portal - November 2006

Although the main Autumn Comp at Royal County Down had produced a worthy champion, the line-up had been decimated by injuries and work committments. After long deliberations, the committee decided to break with tradition, and introduce an additional autumn event. This had the desired effect, and produced a high-quality field to contest this new prize.

Your correspondent was unable to attend at Portal, so is not able to provide a fulsome description of the round. But word reaches me that a competitive event took place, with no reports of anyone having a 'mare'. As you can see from the photographs, we also saw the welcome return of John Lebrun.

The eventual winner was Damian Walsh in a pleasing return to form. This at least should save your correspondent from the 'tut' treatment when the handicaps are next allocated. Indeed, my spies tell me that a full review of current standings is in order. Roll on May 2007.