Mallorca Golf Tour 2006

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Mallorca 2006

The early rushes are in from this week's Neston Ramblers golf tour to Mallorca.................

Click on the picture to see a larger version of the photograph.

Fresh faced on Day 1 at Son Antem

'THE' Sunglasses

Do you know we've been up for 23 hours.

Baz and Jay on the way to victory in the Pairs, while Damian grins and bears it.

Son Vida again.

Coiled Spring! Glad I had that champagne for breakfast to get me going.

Johnny Lebrun eat your heart out.

What do you mean, John's ball is behind us?

Andratx again.

Wish those bloody Germans would get a move on.

There's a fairway down there somewhere.

What do you mean, there's no club sandwiches.

Thank god it's all over.

The Tour Bus

Let me just dream about how I just played that 18th hole.

Barcelo Albatros Hotel, Ses Illetas

They did go for a swim. Honest!